Collection I [Remastered]


Burn 06:43
Burn! Burn it down! Take this light and burn me down to illuminate the ugly underside of where we stand we live and breathe we cut our throats so that we can speak! Take this light Set the flame Burn! Burn it down! Ignite the sky! Erase the sun! Burn it down!
Dredge 04:41
Dripping, holding, clutching to the end downward, drilling, descent reach into the blackened vision desecrate the indecision we stand on the edge of truth with nothing in sight for me our surroundings have turned a static shade of grey as far the the eye can see!
Hollow 06:20
A mistake we'll forever be [point the gun. Shoot the target] Blind your eyes. You will never see [Pull the trigger. Turn the switch] Scratched out eyes. Blind you'll always be [Sharp steel. Cold caress] Tortured cry rings out endlessly [Hold the hollow. Tie the noose]
Downward 08:30
Left 03:54
Sickness So cold to witness Quickness Slows to a stop Memories Left in the long lost Left in the long lost And left to die
Feel 05:25
You see only what you want to see you hear only what you want to hear you say only what you want to say you feel only what you want to feel (nothing). Last night I woke in cold sweats My eyes with images burnt into them and in this restless mess I see the waking world for what it truely is... For what it truely is!
Ripple 05:09
The sound of the scraping anticipating both hands extending fingers claw down hard a drop in the water secret submerges broken reflection recollect. ripples out floating on the violent sea decimated memory weighing down the evidence disappears beneath the surface a bleak fate for the human race we press the button marked ‘exterminate’
Unending 04:50
The end is here again it’s happened long before and it’s happening again! Descend descend descend try to pretend not here again not here to stay can’t get away It’s here again try to escape!
Rain 06:19
blackened clouds and dripping caustic rain skin starts to degrade and fall away vision fades black and grey toxic mist, a blinding acid haze caustic rain searing pain violent end growing pains


A remastered collection featuring both volumes I and II as well as new artwork and rare tracks previously featured only on comps and as B-sides.

Birthed from a love of 80s Synth/Industrial music in early 2018, Caustic Grip is the DARK EBM/ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL solo project of Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) based, non binary musician Scud Viney [Deader/ex-InfiniteVoid/ex-Whitehorse]. Heavily influenced by the dark and dirty side of 80s electronic music, their sound is an amalgamation of danceable, yet atmospheric club grooves (inspired by bands such as Front 242, Tribantura, Nitzer Ebb), hard industrial rhythms and textures (in vein of Skinny Puppy, Portion Control, Front Line Assembly) and vocals ranging from echoed shouts and rasps to deep, melodic and melancholic baritones, often with dense layers of choral harmony (Ala Covenant, Joy Division, John Maus).

Since inception Caustic Grip has released 2 EPs (digitally/limited cassette runs) as well as a cover of Covenant’s ‘Replicant’ (which was proudly reposted and praised by Covenant on their official Facebook page). The project has also been featured on 2 international compilations. Brutal Resonance’s ‘Another Year Not Dead’ (June 2018) and Various Entities’ ‘NO LIMIT’ (September 2018).
In the early months of 2018 ‘Downward’ was released as a stand alone track, followed quickly by other single tracks ‘Hollow’, ‘Dredge’ and ‘Burn’, after which a modest but dedicated fan base began to surface. Soon after, a collection of the 4 songs was released as ‘Volume I’ both on Bandcamp and Cassette Tape. The next four tracks were released over the months following and later packaged and released as ‘Volume II’. Both volumes have been met with positive reception and review both locally and internationally, appearing on multiple website’s top 10 lists for the year of 2018 including

Written and completed in single sessions through a raw but focussed stream of consciousness, each of the 10 original songs released by Caustic Grip to date are exercises in spontaneous creativity coupled with intricate detailing and structure. A melting pot of elements including thick synth layering, complex bass sequences, multi-layered drum programming, sampling, vocal performance and treatment, the project is a celebration of both the music and technology of 80s Industrial/EBM as well as a personal expression of new ideas and unfamiliar textural elements. Lyrical themes include identity, anxiety, environment, darkness.


Reflections Of Darkness Dot Com

“Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, CAUSTIC GRIP is the dark EBM solo project of Scud Viney, from DEADER. This amazing EP includes ‘Burn’, a true masterpiece. It combines EBM à la SKINNY PUPPY with a touch of Dark Folk, mainly thanks to an incredible chorus of masculine vocals.”

Flux Webzine

“Volume I works perfectly as a love letter to the robotic yet eerie and evocative atmospheres of old-school EBM, influenced at the same time by the European and the Canadian school of the genre. Melancholic synth-lines, groovy bass-lines, cold but soulful vocals, rhythmic patterns guide us among tracks recalling the past with a convincing attitude and a proper songwriting. It seems this is just a first collection in a series of cassette which will be released collecting the tracks they will release on digital in the meantime. We can already perceive a more focused songwriting in the first tracks of this cassette, chronologically newer, so we can’t be no curious about their further evolution. A promising new name.” (direct translation via google).

Brutal Resonance

“Fantastic old school industrial and EBM in the modern age. Worth the money and the time. Let the boot stomping commence”-Steven Gullotta (Brutal Resonance editor in chief)

Covenant (OFFICIAL) Facebook

“Caustic Grip from Melbourne, Australia made a cover of our song Replicant. Cheers, we are honored!
Replicant was recorded in 1992 for a Swedish compilation and was the first song we recorded in a studio. After playing for a couple of years we actually thought that was going to be the last song we did as university studies was taking more and more of our time and we didn’t seem to get anywhere. This song changed our lives, thank you”


released May 26, 2019

All music and lyrics written, recorded and produced by Scud Viney as Caustic Grip.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, 2019.


all rights reserved



CAUSTIC GRIP Melbourne, Australia

DARK EBM /INDUSTRIAL solo project of Naarm based, non binary musician Scud Viney.

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